Fitness Photography

Fitness Photography Cape Town – Sam Lamprecht

It was the Day after Sam had just competed in her first Muscle Dynamics competition AND won her category (also came second overall for the competition), so the timing couldn’t be more perfect for her Fitness Shoot. Now, Fitness photography is never an easy task, you need to capture your athlete at their absolute best.

It was made so much easier by Sam’s personal trainer, all-around powerhouse and nice guy, Saengean Bester at his Gym, Fitab Personal Training in Table View, Cape Town.

Saengean went out of his way to make it all so simple. He also prepared the gym just for us and he did an incredible job.

What I shot with

I looked at the gym at decided that I would go with my Canon 5Diii and 24-70mm 2.8 L lens and a two light set up with my 4ft octa-box as well as 70cm umbrella softbox.

The combination could not have been better and the results speak for themselves.

How was the shoot?

Before we started, Saengean had Sam do a little work out to increase blood flow to Sam’s muscles. I just watched this and I was exhausted!

Sam did it without even breaking a sweat. She is without a doubt, a superstar athlete in the making.

Sam was all set and I put her in the first location, she was completely out of her comfort zone and this was evident, so I made it my first objective to get her comfortable, within 10 minutes we were rocking it, Sam was comfortable and we were on our way to capturing these incredible images.

60 minutes later we were all wrapped up and having a quick look at what we had done. The results speak for themselves

I am incredibly proud of Sam and her journey towards fitness, I wish her an incredible journey all the way to the top.