Marketing your photography business

25 tips and trick to try in your marketing plan

As a new photographer, marketing your photography business seems like one of the hardest things to do, you’ve already exhausted your connections with family and friends…Now what? If you are getting started, you need to understand that marketing your photography business is one-third science, one-third art, and one-third luck.

Do not let your frustrations hold you back from reaching your potential. When marketing your photography business, it does not have to be expensive nor does it need to be time-consuming, it just needs to be creative in order to have your clients choose you.

You can do one of two things now, at the end of the month, look back and realise that you are nowhere close to your goals or you can actually try some of these ideas if they don’t work, try another one. There are 25 different tips and tricks for you to try. Reading them will not get you any closer to your goals. Getting awesome ideas and implementing them is.


  1. Use your Unique gift to go where others cant
    • Each of us has that one thing we are really good at now Figure a way to somehow integrate that into your business to further refine your niche/focus.


  1. Podcast
    • Join in on industry-relevant podcasts, they are fun as well as short and have the potential to drive traffic.


  1. Networking
    • Join initiatives like BNI if you have the time resources to commit, this way you suddenly bring on a 20+ strong word of mouth marketing force at very little expense.


  1. Current Events
    • Keep up to date with current events, doing this could be your saving grace when you need that icebreaker.


  1. Lunch/Dinner
    • Corporates woo their clients with lunches and suppers, so you can do the same for yours.


  1. Anniversary Cards
    • A great way to remain front of mind.


  1. Business Cards
    • Hand out as many business cards as you can and think of creative ways to do this… Paying your lunch bill? Leave a card too.


  1. Host an educational Event
    • Host an event around your niche, you do not necessarily need to present, but hosting suddenly gives you that authority within that group.


  1. Use what you know to become an expert
    • Become an expert and create focus then soon enough you will be known as the authority on the subject.


  1. Practice
    • Look at your marketing like a national sports team, the better you get, the harder you need to practice to win.


  1. Partnerships
    • Create symbiotic partnerships with as many people/companies that you can.


  1. Thank you notes
    • Handwritten thank you notes go an incredibly far way.


  1. Send mail
    • Handwritten mail will definitely stand out between the bills and adverts.


  1. Itch Cycle
    • Determine you clients itch cycle and start creating the itch 2 months before the time.


  1. Listen
    • Listen to understand, not to reply.


  1. Plant seeds
    • During sessions/consultations plant seeds on upselling, this way the idea is already in their minds making the sale far easier to approach at the time.


  1. Brand Everything!
    • Create brand awareness, people share… sometimes


  1. Have different Business cards
    • Keep different business cards for different applications, keep cheap ones for trade shows and pricey cards for people you want to impress.


  1. Offer Freemiums
    • By offering a freemium you get a foot in the door to create a demand.


  1. Offer a guarantee
    • In a service-driven industry, a guarantee goes a far way in building trust.


  1. Blog
    • If you do not have the time, outsource. The two to consider Fiver and Upwork.


  1. Write Guest articles
    • By writing articles, you drive traffic and published articles add to authority.


  1. Auto Reply and Email signatures
    • You are your marketing and your marketing is you, make all communications unique to you instead of the stock standard robot reply that we all love so much.


  1. Survey
    • Find out how you can improve, stay front of mind and potentially book another session


  1. Gift Certificates
    • Think Birthdays, Christmas or pretty much any reason to offer a gift certificate.


Did you fall for any of these Marketing traps last year?