Marketing For Photographers – How to identify your ideal client.

Identifying your ideal client avatar.

You know how to identify your ideal client, right? You have done hours and hours of research and you are confident that this is who you are going to target. But, do you really know them? Surely by now, you know the demographics of your ideal client, but do you know the psychographics of your client?
Their psychographic is how they think, what they do, how they feel and what makes them… well, them.  Could you picture your entire ideal client base into just one person, one person that is standing right in front of you, you can touch them, you can see them and you can hear them. If you can, this one person is your client avatar, no, not the movie with the large blue aliens, but rather like your online profile has an avatar which is a reflection of you.

Defining your client avatar might just be the single most important step when setting up your marketing strategy. Understanding your client avatar will help you define your product or service from your client’s point of view, it will define what you sell, it will determine their location and it will help you determine the benefits that your client is seeking to buy from your service. Once you have an understanding of your client’s avatar you will know where to make your marketing message heard the loudest. By focusing this message to your client avatar, people with the similar psychographic will hear the exact same message loud and clear, the benefit is that people on the sidelines can also hear the message but you have to do no additional work to get it to them.

What should you do if you offer multiple services, each with a different ideal client? You need to create an avatar for each one of them. I would like to introduce you to my client avatar for family portrait sessions.

This is Colleen.

Client Avartar image - Brown hair

Colleen is mid to late 50-year-old married woman, she has a university degree and she has dedicated her career to one specific field. Her husband is a business owner who has a university degree in a business related field. Colleen was born and raised in East London and relocated to the Western Cape for her studies, after completing her studies, she moved to Blouberg and has never left again.

Her house is semi-large, 4 bedrooms, pool, and entertainment area. It has a variety of artwork pieces as well as portraits of her family around the house. They have a small family network nearby but the majority of her family resides in the Eastern Cape. Her work life does not allow her to be part of any committees but she does make time to go on hikes at least one weekend a month.

She is an activist for animal adoption and donates time and money to the cause. She enjoys entertaining guests in her home and often makes a great effort in doing so. As a family, they make it a set thing to travel at least once a year abroad. She does not have many friends but the friends that she does have will never be stranded for help.

Colleen prefers restaurants that are convenient but is not opposed to fine dining with her husband on the rare occasion. When shopping, Colleen does a fair bit of it online but is known to go to the large shopping mall from time to time. She dresses in corporate wear during work days and wears elegant but modest clothing over the weekends.

She has two sons, one a married university graduate with a 2-year-old child and the other son is a single 2nd-year varsity student. Her eldest son was an avid sportsman whereas her younger son is more academically driven. Colleen watches very little television, but once hooked on a program can binge watch for hours. Her social media accounts are not very active but she does spend 15-30 minutes a day on Pinterest looking for DIY projects to do at home.

I could go on, but this is about your avatar and not mine. You need to go into as much detail about their lives as you possibly can.

Below is a list of questions I want you to answer in as much detail as you possibly can. Once you know this avatar you can clearly set out your strategy towards marketing your message towards them.

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  • What is the gender, age and marital status of your avatar?
  • What is their highest level of education and career background?
  • If married, what is their spouse’s highest level of education and career background?
  • Where are they from and where do they reside now?
  • What does their home look like?
  • How do they have it decorated?
  • Do they have close family nearby?
  • What Social groups, organizations, clubs, or committees might they be involved in?
  • What causes do they support?
  • What do they do for fun and entertainment?
  • Where do they acquire their social connections?
  • What restaurants do they enjoy?
  • Where do they shop for groceries/furniture/clothing?
  • How do they dress?
  • Where do they like to vacation or day trip?
  • Do they have children, and if so, how many, what age, and which School/University do they attend?
  • What sports/musical instruments/activities do their children enjoy?
  • What magazine/blogs/publications do they read and find valuable?
  • What could they talk about all day long?
  • What is she watching on Netflix/YouTube/DSTV/Showmax?
  • What would they be pinning on Pinterest, blogging, posting on Facebook/Instagram?
  • What are they most afraid of?
  • What do they worry about?
  • What do they look forward to?
  • What do they feel passionate about?
  • Whose opinion do they most value?
  • How do they spend their weekend?
  • Does their routine involve spa/salon/grooming days?
  • What household chores do they pay to have done?