How to get more clients for your business?

Do you find yourself often asking the question how to find potential customers, or thinking I need more clients?
Would you believe me that it is much easier than you could imagine getting more clients?
I have put together a list on the best way to get clients, by following these our engagement will go up and so will your new client base.

Add Value

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I know this sounds like an obvious answer, but the truth of the matter is that it is not.
Often people misunderstand what value is, having an outstanding advert is not value, nor is lowering your prices.
Value is something that is beneficial to your client, something that the can use to make their lives easier or solve a problem that they currently face.

Often I see that people are too caught up in selling themselves that that forget to add value,
you know the saying everyone likes to buy, but no one likes to be sold to?
Think of when you go out to buy something and the second you get there a salesman approaches you and ask, “Can I help you?”
What happens? You respond with “No thank you, just having a look.”

The same applies when you don’t add value before your sales pitch and marketing strategy.

Customer Service

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Another really obvious one.
When figuring out how to bring customers into your business think how the old ones were treated?
Did you give them your everything? Were they kept in the dark, did you keep them in the loop every step of the way?

Customer service is not only how you handle complaints and queries, but how you made them feel valuable along the way.
By making a client feel like they are a priority to your business, they will be more than happy to pass on leads as well as referrals, becoming a sales force for your business.

This is just far too important not to make a priority.

Content is King

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Yes, being a photographer you create content every time that you shoot but is that content for you, for your customer or for your market?
Creating shareable content is absolutely non-negotiable.

What should I create then?

Well, that has no silver bullet answer…
Each market has different needs, for example, for a bride-to-be who has never been married before, she would benefit from having a wedding checklist.
Or a mother who wants to book a family shot, she has no idea what works best for photos, put together a timeline and clothing guide that she would find beneficial.

By creating these, you do not only target your market but people who know people in your market.

Make your content user-friendly and as shareable as possible.


What will better help you attract new clients?
Listening to old ones, they have experienced your service and if approached correctly will give valuable feedback on how you can better your service.

The other thing is your engagement for the customer is a good metric to see what they do and what they don’t like.
When they engage less change your approach, when they engage more, keep it up.

The human factor

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This one is simple.

Would you be happy if you were treated the way your business treated others?
if not, start to think about how to better that.

When you receive a flyer in your mailbox at home, what do you do?
Throw it away and forget about it.
This is what you are doing by only making sales all posts (spam flyers).

I want you to think in the future, what is the purpose of this post?

Do everything with purpose and I promise, you and your clients will be much happier for it.