Marketing For Photographers

3 Reasons why your 2017 marketing plan didn’t work.

Marketing for photographers is by no means an easy task, right? I mean, competition is tough and it is getting tougher. Did you have this awesome plan in place and you were going to be so busy in 2017 that you could buy that brand-new lens that you have been eyeing for the past 6 months?

You had this! Your target audience was identified, and you had your brand voice, persona and creative style worked out. You had identified your marketing strategies with new and old channels. You worked your butt off to create your marketing plan for Cause Marketing, Business Expansion, Raising Revenue and Driving brand awareness.

Then, the plans failed, bookings were sluggish and you could not realise your goal of filling up the billable units

If this is you, do not fear you are not alone. As many as 85% of your peers had the same results. So, instead of going through the same laborious time-wasting exercise and frustration, I want to identify some traps that you may have fallen victim to when coming up with your marketing plan.

The first trap

Set Clear Goals

No clear, measurable goals were set (or you did, but just set them unrealistically high).

I want to clarify that I love ambition and setting goals high, but high goals need high energy. Your goals should inspire action, commitment, and passion. But be very careful as you walk the line between ambition and self-sabotaging overreach.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are making plans for your bookings throughout the year. Start by looking at the previous four years, 30 – 38 – 27 – 31.

If you do not set target figures, you are robbing yourself of the motivation and sense of achievement that the result-driven goals give you.

Setting your goal unrealistically high – say, 150 bookings – you are lining yourself up for spectacular failure when you have never done more than 38. This is not good for your morale.

Goal setting is all about balance and managing your own expectations.

The second trap

Talk to everyone and you will sell to no one.

“Everyone” is by no measure a target audience. Also even if everyone could use your service, what is to say they want to? (How many beer-bellied middle-aged bald men do you know that want to do a modeling portfolio?).

So, instead of crafting a general message for the masses to invest in your service, zero in on people that are already buying your type of service that will book you and will give you glowing recommendations.

Read this article to further explain what this means.

The third trap

The scattered approach.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Blogging, Emailing, Twitter and Growth Hacking (Whatever that is…saw it at a workshop once and everyone else is doing it, so I better do it too…)

Unless you have a massive budget or a staff member dedicated to this or a lot of free time on your hands, you will struggle to maintain good quality content. Do not cram everything into your marketing plan.

It is infinitely better to use 3 channels really well instead of 12 half-arsed attempts to keep each channel “alive”.

Your 2018 marketing plan is well within your reach if you can focus.

  • Master your craft
  • Define your target audience
  • Hone your business


  • Focus your marketing.